2014 Pinnacle Award for Occasional Tables

2014 Pinnacle Award for Occasional Tables

The American Society of Furniture Designers recognizes the best designs for 2014.

Winner for best occasional table was awarded to the Links Cocktail Table.

“The impressive 80 hours of work producing the crystal inlay of stone on the Links Cocktail Table by Century Furniture reflects a fashion-inspired composition suitable for multiple aesthetics.”

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The table is designed by Pride Sasser, ASFD for Century Furniture.

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Grand Tour Nesting Tables by Pride Sasser for Century Furniture makes Elle Decor’s list for “Top 10 Nesting Tables”

Elle-Decor-nesting-tablesExcerpt: “These are definitely the most dressy,” says Kendall Wilkinson. “I like how the faux tortoise gives them texture and depth. You can treat them like fashion accessories that complement the room.” The bronze feet, she says, add “that little sparkle.”

Largest: height: 26.25″; length: 20″; width: 15.75″; material: mahogany sheathed in faux-tortoise parchment with bronze hardware.
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Taking Indoor Looks Outdoors

273476-Pride_SasserKnown in the home furnishings industry for his avant-garde designs, Pride Sasser now has taken his eclectic indoor styles outdoors.

“For us, the outdoors is just a natural extension,” Sasser said.

He listed areas of the world where people are enjoying outdoor living areas, including the United States, Europe, Middle East, South and Central America. “Five years ago, it was the outdoor kitchen. Now it has metamorphosed into all kinds of things to do outside. Our customers don’t just live inside, and they were saying why don’t you produce something that has this styling or feeling or your unique look for us to put outdoors?”
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